WebPipl allows companies to automate the hiring process with the help of technologies like Artificial intelligence(AI), Machine Learning (ML).Recruitment automation empowers talent acquisition teams with data to track the key hiring metrics. Employers can monitor their goals and optimize their hiring process

Benefits of Recruitment Automation

Source and connect with candidates faster

Every business wants a great talent but they remain only 10 days in the market before they accept an offer, recruitment automation enables organizations to engage with the talented candidates faster.

Hire qualified candidates

The recruitment automation technology helps to hire teams to screen candidates more effectively and efficiently which finally leads to qualified hires

Avoid errors in scheduling interviews

Interview Scheduling is a herculean task when performed manually through email because candidates requesting for prepone or postponing of the interview and miscommunications are common while scheduling interviews. This will result in a bad experience for the candidate, through the recruitment automation tools you can automate the interview scheduling process and increase the candidate experience which in turn will increase your employer brand.

Save Time

The recruitment automation technology helps save time in sourcing and communicating with the candidate. This will help the hiring teams to focus on managing the interview scorecards, training sessions, or optimizing the process Etc.

Hire for multiple roles simultaneously

The recruitment automation technology helps the hiring teams to hire for multiple roles simultaneously, help them decrease the cost per vacancy and improves productivity.

Retain your candidate by creating a good candidate experience

Candidate experience is crucial in retaining your employee 95% of the candidates would apply to a company again only if they had a good experience with the previous interview process. The recruitment automation technology helps organizations to automate communication with the candidates which will improve the candidate experience. This positive experience with the organizations makes the candidates eager to work with them.

In all the recruitment automation technology helps you in saving time, money, and valuable resources implement it now and make your business a success.

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