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Our Solutions

Recruitment Automation

Automate your hiring process with AI enabled hiring platform on WebPipl. Save money, time and your valuable resources.

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Recruitment Marketing

Increase your employer brand reach and source candidates suitable to your job role with the help of Recruitment Marketing on WebPipl.

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Automate your Recruiting/hiring process, organize applicant data, source and engage with large number of applicants at once.

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Technology-Based recruiters and AI tools help you assess and verify the candidate's skills with ease through web pipl.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our AI enabled hiring platform and niche sourcing experts who spread across the globe are waiting to help you.

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Vendor Management Services

Manage your recruitment teams, suppliers, track performance of the recruiters/ staffing suppliers, save time money and resources.

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Platform Features

Sourcing candidates:

Post your jobs and reach thousands of recruiters on our ever-expanding hiring market place.

Screening Applicants:

All Applicants are pre-qualified and pre-screened.

Applicant tracking:

Build a hiring/recruitment process and track the progress of the applicants

Background verification:

WebPipl conducts verification on every candidate you hire through our platform to make you confident in your hiring decisions.


Automate the communication process with the applicant for better candidate experience and send emails to suppliers when needed through our platform.

Supplier Management:

Auto match with the suppliers and manage their performance on automated dashboards.

Recruitment Marketing:

Enable every recruiter to market and promote your job lists with the help of social marketing features.

Talent CRM:

Organize candidate data, set up follow up reminders, and schedule interviews.