With artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Predictive analytics RPO will help you source and hire great talent at a low cost and within a short time.

Why WebPipl

  • WebPipl is an AI-enabled crowdsourcing platform with 350+ sourcing specialists spread across the globe.
  • Most of the time it is hard to find niche talent when you need it but with help of our niche sourcing experts and our AI enabled hiring platform WebPipl will help you to source and hire niche talent from the background verified talent pool whenever you need it.
  • Our Automated AI tools will help you to auto match with our internal resources and access to our centralised data will enhance the recruitment process.
  • Every business has a good lense on passive candidates, businesses often find it difficult to source and engage passive candidates, but our passive candidate data will make it easy.
  • Passive candidate data, partnerships with local players, and proven relationships will help you in faster TAT.
  • You can hire onshore and offshore with the help of our experienced resources globally.

Our Process

  • Plan: Identify organization goals analyse the current gaps and make a strategy to advertise your employer brand.
  • Program: Build the recruitment team, reporting structure and the KPI.
  • Launch: Initiate RPO, execute end to end recruitment campaigns and manage the sourcing teams.
  • Optimize: change management and conduct time to time reviews for performance metrics.
  • Perform: Take feedbacks from the key stake holders and communicate the results to the candidates.
  • Review: Review ROI and optimize your campaign.