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iVerified offers an efficient way to conduct remote video interviews with features like instant interviews and feedback systems, saving time and resources.

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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software recruiters and hiring managers use to streamline and manage the recruitment process.

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iAssess is our talent assessment platform that assists companies in handling initial assessments and ensuring that only quality professionals advance to the next level.

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Don’t be an expert who makes 3 consecutive guesses correctly.
Become a true expert with iLearn.

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Are you a Techie Struggling for Tips and Solutions?
Consult our expert here.

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Unlock Your Potential with iDo. Improve Your Interview Skills Today!

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How WebPipl Works

WebPipl is an advanced recruitment sourcing tool that utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline the hiring process. With WebPipl, recruiters can save time, improve candidate quality, and make more informed hiring decisions.


Talent Search

Users can input specific criteria, such as skills, experience, and location, into WebPipl's AI-assisted search interface.


Talent Evaluation

Comprehensive candidate profiles, presenting key information such as employment history, education, skills, and contact details.


Candidate Engagement

Send personalized messages, schedule interviews, and collaborate with team members, all within the platform.


Transforming the Hiring Landscape: Unleashing a New Era of Hiring Experience

By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, comprehensive sourcing channels, and intuitive user interfaces, WebPipl simplifies the recruitment process, saving valuable time and effort for both recruiters and candidates. 

Over 7000
success stories and counting!

We take pride in connecting talented professionals with their dream jobs, opening doors to endless opportunities and career growth. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of this remarkable journey. Your dream job awaits!

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Power up your job search: Upload your CV

Take control of your career and unlock exciting opportunities by uploading your CV. Don't let your skills and talents go unnoticed. Our platform connects you with top employers actively seeking candidates like you. Upload your CV now and embark on an extraordinary career journey.

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Happy customers say about WebPipl

    

WebPipl simplifies the process of job search and quick access of the database. Thank WebPipl team, hoping to utilize this tool for many more onboardings.

men in grey hoodie
Pooja B.R

Recruiter at FirstConnect

    

With WebPipl, signing in and posting a résumé are both very easy processes. WebPipl helps us to enhance our income...

Woman Avatar

Recruiter at FirstConnect

    

Impressed !! I used Webpipl being a recruiter, I would suggest every recruiter, job seeker to use it is very useful for all companies, recruiter and job seeker

girl in pink shirt
Simran Fathima

Recruiter at FirstConnect

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