Glossary TermDefinition
Contract recruitmentContract recruitment is the process of hiring independent workers for a limited period of time, as defined in the contract. The employer has no obligation towards the employee once the predefined duration in the contract is over and vice versa.
Talent acquisition partnerA talent acquisition partner is a strategic role in a company that helps attract, find, and hire new talent to fulfill the organization’s staffing needs and create long-term recruitment strategies.
Virtual onboardingVirtual onboarding is the process of onboarding a new hire in the company without any in-person interaction using digital onboarding platforms and tools.
Job screeningJob screening is the process of evaluating a candidate during the initial stage of the hiring process to determine whether they qualify for the role or not.
Targeted recruitmentTargeted recruitment is a focused hiring approach where organizations attract and hire candidates who meet specific criteria or fall into a certain category.
Talent acquisition coordinatorA talent acquisition coordinator is a professional who supports the talent acquisition process in an organization by performing certain activities. It is a vital role within a company’s HR and recruitment functions.
Talent acquisitionTalent acquisition is a term used to describe strategic processes and tactics used to attract, identify, hire, and retain the right talent in an organization.
Recruitment marketingRecruitment marketing is the process of utilizing various marketing techniques and strategies to attract and engage top talent within an organization.
Video interviewA video interview is an interview that is conducted remotely using virtual platforms as the connection medium.
RecruitmentRecruitment is the process of attracting, sourcing, identifying, assessing, interviewing, hiring, and retaining potential employees for an organization’s long-term recruitment and business goals
Contingency recruitmentContingency recruitment is a recruitment method in which an organization hires an external recruitment agency or recruiters to find candidates for their open positions.
Digital recruitmentDigital recruitment is the process of attracting, sourcing, evaluating, hiring, and retaining candidates for open positions using digital platforms and technologies.
Recruitment ConsultantA recruitment consultant is a professional who advises and assists clients in sourcing and selecting the best talent for open job positions. A recruitment consultant helps organizations create the most effective and suitable recruitment processes.
Agile recruitingAgile recruiting is the process of implementing agile methodologies (used in software development) in the recruitment processes and strategies.
Applicant tracking systemATS, short for Applicant Tracking System, is a computer software application used by companies to streamline and manage the hiring process by collecting, tracking, and sorting candidate information.
Interview as a serviceInterview as a service is the process of outsourcing the interview procedure to a third party by an organization.
AI-based hiringAI-based hiring is the practice of using Artificial Intelligence algorithms and technologies to enhance the recruitment process.
Hiring velocityHiring velocity is the speed of hiring for a specific job role in an organization. It measures the amount of time it takes to fill a position after posting the job description. Hiring velocity also determines the average time it takes for a candidate to go from one hiring step to another.
Candidate engagementCandidate engagement is the interaction and communication a candidate receives during the hiring process. Candidate engagement also includes the candidate’s experience throughout the entire hiring process.
AI recruitment softwareAI recruitment software is a technology solution that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance and automate multiple tasks in a recruitment process.
TAT (Turn Around Time ) In HiringTAT (Turnaround Time) in hiring measures the duration from job requisition creation to candidate onboarding, gauging recruitment process efficiency.
Talent Management Software (TMS)Talent Management Software (TMS) is a set of integrated tools and applications designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of talent management within an organization.
Outbound RecruitingOutbound recruiting in the realm of Information Technology (IT) is a proactive approach that companies employ to actively seek out and engage potential candidates for their open positions.
Inbound RecruitingRecruiting in the realm of Information Technology has evolved significantly, with a shift towards embracing inbound methodologies.
Recruiting funnelThe recruiting funnel is a structured approach used by organizations to attract, engage, and hire top talent. Similar to a sales funnel, it represents the stages a candidate goes through from initial contact with a company to becoming a new hire.
On-Demand Video InterviewRevolutionizing the hiring landscape, on-demand video interviews offer a flexible, time-saving solution for both recruiters and candidates.
Talent SourcingIn today’s competitive job market, finding qualified candidates can be a daunting task. This is where talent sourcing steps in, playing a crucial role in building a strong talent pipeline for your business.