ATS Support

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software that helps in recruiting automation. The ATS streamlines the hiring process by collecting, storing, sorting, and tracking candidate information in real-time. Think abou the time saved by recruiters to sort through hundreds of resumes that don't match their requirements. The ATS system then matches the job candidates to open positions and sends notifications about these matches — so recruiters can keep focused on making right hiring decisions.

An ATS automates the entire recruitment process, from candidate screening and progress tracking, to interview scheduling and notifications. This not only saves the recruiter time and effort, but also ensures that both job applicants and recruiters are kept up-to-date throughout the process. It is a much-needed recruitment automation tool.

Recruitment Outsourcing

We offer Recruitment Outsourcing as part of our RaaS. It is a new recruitment strategy that can help businesses start hiring with less time and effort. It supplements your in-house recruiting team with our recruiting experts. Partner with us in increasing your hiring efficiency, reduce time-to-fill, and lower overall costs.

You can focus your time and effort on your core business areas by outsourcing the recruitment process. Allow us to handle your talent acquisition process. You will not be disappointed.

Social Recruiting

Recruiting on social media is already becoming popular. Until recently, corporates had never considered recruiting via social media. However, the hiring landscape has shifted. According to statistics, 92% of recruiters use one or more social media platforms to find candidates. Some of the benefits of social recruiting include increased hiring quality, increased brand awareness, and valid profile referrals.

LinkedIn, with 875 million members and counting with users in over 200 countries, has enormous potential for sourcing top talent. Our Social Recruiting services will assist you in finding the best talent in your industry.

Other Services


Recruitment Automation

Looking to optimize your hiring process and improve efficiency? Then, WebPipl’s myATS is the perfect solution for you. Its cutting-edge AI and NLP features help increase recruiter productivity, accelerate time-to-fill, reduce cost-per-hire and improve the overall talent profile of the organization.

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Talent Assessment


Recruiting is often challenging. WebPipl’s RaaS is a service that offers you, high-quality recruiters on the go. You can hire a recruiter for short or long-term engagements. Our recruiters will help you accelerate your onboarding process by offering you high-quality candidates using their internal network of sourcing professionals.

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Recruitment Marketing

“Recruitment is marketing”. If you are a recruiter and don’t foresee the importance of marketing, maybe think again. Our platform offers you tools to engage and entice job candidates in every phase of recruiting. You can create a more personal experience for your employees, allowing them to engage with the company at various levels.

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