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WebPipl is the world’s first talent acquisition marketplace powered by AI & NLP. Our goal is to make recruitment more efficient, more effective, and more seamless both for employers and jobseekers.

Ours is a smart recruitment platform that matches employers with the most suitable candidates in real time. This means that employers no longer have to keep posting job ads and sift through a never-ending pool of applications. Instead, they can simply browse through our talent marketplace of pre-screened candidates and select the ones they would like to interview.

Jobseekers also benefit from our platform. They receive tailored job recommendations that exactly match their skillsets, experience, and expectations.

So, whether you're a recruiter looking for a better way to find top talents or a jobseeker chasing your dream job the answer is WebPipl.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to transform the global hiring landscape by creating a future where every organization and jobseeker can access the best and most suitable opportunities with ease. We strive to build a trusted, state-of-the-art recruiting platform that utilizes a comprehensive digital ecosystem to eliminate hiring inefficiencies and empower recruiters and jobseekers to make ideal choices. Our platform leverages the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology to deliver unmatched accuracy, speed, and personalization to the hiring process. Our goal is to enable organizations to build high-performing teams and jobseekers to find meaningful, fulfilling work that aligns with their skills, interests, and values.”

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WebPipl simplifies the process of job search and quick access of the database. Thank WebPipl team, hoping to utilize this tool for many more onboardings.

Pooja B.R,
Recruiter at FirstConnect

Talent Assessment

With WebPipl, signing in and posting a résumé are both very easy processes. WebPipl helps us to enhance our income...

Recruiter at FirstConnect


Impressed !! I used Webpipl being a recruiter, I would suggest every recruiter, job seeker to use it is very useful for all companies, recruiter and job seeker

Simran Fathima,
Recruiter at FirstConnect

WebPipl is an AI-powered community hiring marketplace with a mission to become the world's most trusted AI recruiting platform (assisted with NLP and AI) by harnessing a digital ecosystem that addresses all hiring inefficiencies while assisting recruiters and job seekers in making ideal choices through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Meet the man behind WebPipl, the AI-based recruitment company revolutionizing the hiring process. As CEO and founder, Raju Thammala is passionate about leveraging technology to deliver next-gen recruiting services. In his free time, Raju enjoys reading and exploring new cuisines or jet-setting to exotic destinations.

WebPipl was founded in 2018 by Raju Thammala. Since then, the company has improved the recruitment workflow and process of 100+ clients for tech recruitment.

WebPipl offers multiple software solutions for the HR tech industry. For example, myATS is an applicant tracking software that helps recruiters to automate manual processes and improve efficiency during the hiring cycle. Likewise, iVerified is a remote video interview tool focused on recruiting top talents quickly.

iVerified: Hire only those verified professionals with iVerified, the world’s fastest video interview software with Instant Interviews and feedback systems.

iAssess: iAssess is our skills assessment platform that helps corporates take care of the initial assessments and ensure only quality professionals reach the next levels.

myATS: myATS is an applicant tracking system that enables recruiters to follow a stress-free process as it integrates thousands of recruiters, jobseekers, and vendors, all within a single unified platform.

iLearn: iLearn is a learning platform for jobseekers that provides personalized learning experiences from experienced Instructors.