What does an applicant tracking system do?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software recruiters and hiring managers use to streamline and manage the recruitment process. ATS automates several aspects of recruiting, including posting jobs, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and communicating with candidates. It also assists recruiters in managing and organizing candidate information, tracking the hiring process, and identifying the most qualified candidates for open positions.

ATS software is essential for any organization seeking to improve its hiring process and find the right candidates quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of using Applicant Tracking Software in recruitment

Using an applicant tracking system (ATS) in recruitment provides several benefits, including increased efficiency in managing resumes and job postings, improved candidate quality through automated resume screening and filtering, enhanced communication with candidates throughout the hiring process, and improved compliance with hiring regulations.

ATS software helps recruiters and HR managers streamline the recruitment process, save time and resources, and ultimately result in better hires for your organization.

Streamlined verification process

iVerified uses AI and NLP to quickly and accurately verify candidate information, saving recruiters time and ensuring that only eligible candidates are considered for positions.

Fraud prevention

With iVerified, recruiters can prevent fraudulent candidates from being hired by verifying their identity and background, preventing costly legal issues and damaging company's reputation.

Increased diversity and inclusion

By using iVerified to eliminate bias in the hiring process, recruiters can increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace, leading to a stronger and more innovative team.

Improved candidate experience

iVerified's fast and efficient verification process helps to create a positive candidate experience, improving the employer brand and attracting top talent.

Key features of WebPipl’s myATS software

WebPipl's myATS offers several benefits for businesses, including reduced rejections through AI-powered pre-screening, automated interviews for a more efficient hiring process, lowered cost per hire due to faster time-to-fill, and streamlined recruiting with an organized applicant management system.

With myATS, businesses can simplify their recruiting process and find the best candidates more efficiently.

AI-powered Pre-Screening

Reduce rejections and save time with our AI-powered pre-screening facility.

Automated Interviews

Automate your interview process with myATS. Shortlist, schedule, and manage interviews with ease.

Low Cost Per Hire

Reduce your hiring costs with myATS. Fill open positions faster and more efficiently.

Streamlined Recruiting

Simplify your hiring process with myATS. Easily manage and review job applications for a streamlined recruiting experience.

Use myATS for various use cases

With myATS, you can streamline your hiring process for a variety of use cases, whether you're looking to fill a few positions or dozens. It's perfect for small to medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. Whether you need to automate the interview process, reduce cost-per-hire, or streamline your recruiting efforts, myATS can help you achieve your hiring goals.

ATS for small business

An ATS like myATS from WebPipl can help small businesses streamline their recruitment process and improve their hiring outcomes.

ATS for staffing agencies

An ATS for staffing agencies streamlines the hiring process, improves candidate quality, and helps manage high volumes of job applications.

ATS software for CV and resume

An ATS software for CV and resume is designed to parse and screen resumes, match them with job descriptions, and streamline the recruitment process for employers.

ATS for recruitment process

ATS for recruitment is a software that streamlines the hiring process, from job postings to candidate communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

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ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a software that streamlines the recruitment process from job postings to candidate communications, while CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) is a tool used to build and maintain relationships with potential candidates.

Yes, hiring managers use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to manage and streamline the recruitment process. ATS software allows them to post job openings, screen resumes, schedule interviews, and track candidate progress through the hiring pipeline.

A job portal is a website that serves as a platform for job seekers and employers to connect, while an applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application used by recruiters and hiring managers to manage and streamline the recruitment process, including job postings, resume screening, and candidate communications.

Recruiters use ATS to manage the recruitment process more efficiently, streamline resume screening, schedule interviews, automate communication, and store candidate data in a centralized location.