About iAssess

iAssess is our talent assessment platform that assists companies in handling initial assessments and ensuring that only quality professionals advance to the next level.

With iAssess, you can identify and shortlist the best candidates. When recruiting, you should never compromise on the candidates. iAssess can also be used to assess current employees to see if they lack any critical skills. As an employer, you should have precise data on the skills your employees require in order to train them for peak performance.

Talent assessment plays a significant role in finding the best talents. Get the best candidates every time!

Having iAssess in your recruitment flow would mean you will only have the right talents onboarded.


Top Talents

Get only the top talents onboarded, who can perform the job role more effectively, efficiently!

Talent Assessment

Unbiased Choices

Helps you eliminate any sort of bias from the hiring process and decide purely based on assessment.


Streamlined Hiring

iAssess contributes to streamlined hiring by understanding the requirements and effectively accessing candidates

Advantages of the iAssess

  • Saves Time

    Save your hiring team’s time and resources. Skills assessment helps you screen candidates who don’t have the necessary skills.

  • Diversified Team

    Diversified workforce is often more creative, more productive and better problem solvers. iAssess helps you have diversified workforce.

  • Compare Candidates

    Select only the most qualified candidates by comparing between multiple qualified candidates based on the skills assessment results.

  • Job Performance

    It’s proven that candidates with cognitive ability perform better in their roles. iAssess could help evaluate candidate’s cognitive skills.