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What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the process of utilizing various marketing techniques and strategies to attract and engage top talent within an organization. It involves tactics used for marketing the jobs to the most suitable candidates and promoting the employer brand throughout the entire recruitment process.

Recruitment marketing leverages various digital marketing tools and channels, such as influencer marketing, social media marketing, omnichannel communication, and data analytics. 

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What is the Objective of Recruitment Marketing?

The primary goal of recruitment marketing is to build a pipeline of qualified candidates and to keep reaching and connecting with new applicants. 

However, there are some other key objectives, such as 

  • Employer Branding, by promoting the employer brand and defining their culture and values to attract the most suitable candidates for the roles
  • Inbound Recruitment, by creating engaging and compelling content to attract the right candidates and also mentioning job-related policies, such as hybrid, or remote work opportunity 
  • Candidate Segmentation, by using a data-driven approach to identify and segment the audience only to target each segment for a specific role
  • Analytics, by tracking and measuring the performance of various recruitment campaigns to create better strategies and tactics for future recruitment processes
  • Social Media Recruitment, by reaching out to potential candidates on different social media platforms and also leveraging social media for employer branding and job promotion
  • Candidate Engagement, by keeping the qualified and top talent interested in the roles by leveraging channels, such as emails, newsletters, feedback on their applications, and social media posts for constant engagement

What is a Recruitment Marketing Strategy?

A recruitment marketing strategy can be defined as the tactics and approach used by an organization to attract and connect with the right candidates. The strategy also helps them establish an employer brand and achieve the recruitment objectives.

A recruitment marketing strategy covers four stages of the recruitment marketing funnel. 

  1. Awareness
  2. Engagement & Active Search
  3. Expression of Interest
  4. Application

Recruitment marketing aims to focus on the first 2 stages by creating awareness and engaging with as many potential candidates as possible.

An effective recruitment marketing strategy includes the following.

  • Organization’s recruitment goals
  • Identifying the roles to advertise for
  • Defining ideal candidates for those roles
  • Deciding the appropriate channels for job promotion
  • Allocating resources 
  • Create a content plan 
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